Mergers & Acquisitions

We guide owners through the complex process of selling and acquiring companies

We understand that whether it’s your first mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transaction or your fifth, each one is unique.

Our M&A Services

Our goal is to use our expertise and experience to create a partnership you can count on to provide clear guidance throughout the M&A transactions process and to put your best interests first.​

Welch Capital Partners (WCP) and our affiliate, Welch LLP have been helping companies for over 100 years. Our M&A advisory firm has developed a proven track record in managing complex mergers and acquisitions both domestic and cross border.

Whether you are an owner/operator, a corporate shareholder group, or a private equity firm – WCP M&A advisors can help. We’ll guide ​you through each step of the M&A process, manage multiple stakeholders, be your dedicated sounding board, and help ​to provide clarity and peace of mind for the future. Whether you’re focused on an efficient sale, maximizing shareholder returns, reducing stakeholder risk, or developing a legacy, ​our mergers and acquisitions advisors are adept at understanding and delivering solutions ​that are specific to your concerns.

A good company acquisition strategy is a fast track to growth, an opportunity to diversify, and a way to keep up with dynamic changes in technology. A bad acquisition is a long-term thorn in the side of any company.​

First and foremost, as part of our M&A strategy for all of our clients, it is our goal to build a trusted relationship with them, and to give them peace of mind that their interests are at the forefront of our relationship to the M&A process. To this relationship, as M&A advisors, we bring corporate finance skills and breadth ​of expertise to ensure that our clients are getting the advice they need to make strategic and life-changing decisions.

We begin by understanding your company inside and out, the story matters just as much as the financial statements. More importantly, we seek to understand the goals of each stakeholder, what they want to achieve, and how we can best execute on a plan together. From there we set the strategy for achievement, develop a timeline, and manage the process to ensure execution through to closing.​

WCP M&A advisors believe in a relationship first approach to doing business. While numbers, analysis and closing prices are all important factors to an M&A deal, we believe that all of those are secondary ​to creating a comfortable and trusting working relationship between us, our clients, and prospective buyers in order ​to maximize value for everyone.

M&A services include

  • Execution of buy-side and sell-side engagements including domestic and cross border M&A transactions
  • Target buyer sourcing for strategic buyers,  financial sponsors (private equity firms) and family offices.
  • Due diligence, M&A deal structuring, and negotiations
  • Management of leveraged buyouts (‘LBO’s) and management buyouts (‘MBO’s)
  • Acquisition strategy and thesis development
  • Advisory on company mergers and joint ventures and minority investments

Sell-Side Advisory

WCP advises on divestitures of divisions and sales of businesses for corporate clients, private equity firms, and family businesses in the middle market. Since every sale process is unique, we tailor our M&A transaction strategies specifically to meet our client’s needs, from discreet private processes to formal public auctions. We work with private equity firms and strategic buyers across the globe through our partner network of M&A advisors to find the best match for our clients.

As experts in business valuation and financial analysis, we will dive into your numbers and gain a clear understanding of the details behind your financial statements. This will help us to:​

  • Find the best ways to present your financial performance to prospective buyers. ​
  • ​Identify any “red flags” that prospective buyers could raise as issues.​
  • Evaluate potential buyer synergies, which will become quite useful in negotiations.​
  • ​Do a valuation of your company, testing against market multiples (relative valuation) and assessing how prospective buyers may price their offer.​
  • ​Understand your numbers intimately allowing us to represent your interests with more confidence.

Sourcing quality buyers

Starting an initial discussion with a potential buyer not only helps us to build an amicable rapport, but also allows us to evaluate the buyer. It enables us to determine whether the buyer is a quality prospect, not only in terms of their capacity, but also in terms of their alignment with your values and goals. This first step builds the foundation for a successful mergers and acquisitions deal, protecting confidentiality and eliminates the time wasted in discussions that could have been avoided.​

While we do our best to connect you with quality prospects, we will only reach out to potential buyers you are comfortable with and approve for consideration. Identifying a quality prospect is only half the battle  — most of the work is in buyer evaluation, goal alignment and execution.

Buy-Side advisory

Our clients understand that finding an acquisition target is only half the battle. We’ve helped many shareholder groups through the intricate process of an acquisition including thesis refinement, due-diligence, transaction management, financing and negotiating acquisition terms. WCP provides advice on acquisition strategy, planning and execution. We’ll work with you to design growth strategies that are sustainable and a complement to your existing initiatives. When you’re ready for something a little bit more exciting than organic growth, you’ve got a team of experts in your corner to help with your acquisition strategy.

WCP M&A advisors provide objective, creative and useful advice around each strategic option that our clients are exploring whether they are a family business or professional investor. WCP involves senior partners at every step of the process for each engagement we take on.

Framework for M&A Success - Our Approach

While each engagement is unique and tailored to your specific needs, we use a guiding framework that ensures a well-managed and efficient process to eliminate redundancy, increase value, and provide peace of mind.

Preparing the company for sale
Understanding your company intimately will help us do our job better and anticipate what buyers will look for.
​Searching for buyers and finding the right offer
Having the right buyer strategy will make the process more efficient and increase the probability of a successful result.
Negotiating, structuring and closing
During this most difficult phase in the mergers and acquisitions process, we will support and guide you toward a successful outcome.

Industries We Serve:

Technology, software & IT services
WCP works with established software and IT service companies who are seeking an exit. With a combination of sector expertise and strong industry relationships, our M&A advisory firm provides clients with strategic sell-side advisory services for e-commerce, managed service providers, and a wide variety of IT service companies in the lower and middle markets.
Building products & services
WCP has worked with clients in the building products industry including large public entities operating in the gypsum supply space. We have experience negotiating deals for companies in large buying groups and those that operate at every stage of the supply chain. We understand how to position companies that are driven by residential and non-residential construction growth and the specific issues they face region by region.
Environmental services
WCP provides a range of corporate finance and M&A advisory services for waste management, commercial recycling, waste water treatment and other specialized environmental services. Our senior executives leverage their industry relationships, transaction experience, valuation insight to deliver proactive ideas and efficient deal execution.
Specialty distribution & logistics
WCP’s specialty distribution and logistics clients form an essential part of the economy. We’ve managed transactions for less than truck load truck load, asset light, asset heavy, specialty transport and intermodal clients. We have intimate knowledge of the investor landscape and can provide deep insight to clients around valuation and industry trends.
Security, defense & government services
WCP M&A advisors have advised clients through both sell-side and buy-side engagements in security, defence and government services including working with one of the largest private sector security employers in the country. We have specific insight into Government procurement processes, contract bidding and tax incentive programs in Canada. Our team has the security clearance required to work with clients across a wide range of government and defence related industries and services.
Specialty manufacturing & industrials
WCP has industry experience working with clients in the specialty manufacturing and in commercial and industrial sectors and we understand the specific concerns owners of manufacturing companies face whether they are looking to grow or sell, including supply chain issues, working capital shortfalls and labour shortages. We’ve worked with companies in plastic extrusion, specialty label converting, aftermarket and performance automotive parts, and other specialty manufacturing. WCP M&A advisory team has the breadth of expertise to best position clients for a successful transaction.

What our clients are saying:


Let me start by saying how I explained your service level to a colleague when asked...  a simple twelve out of ten.  I don’t believe this deal would have closed without all of your help, dedication and commitment even in the challenging times.  Thank you once again.

More specifically, I was and am impressed with how much business acumen you all have.  It is an easy  assumption to compare your work to that of a real estate broker just looking to “close a deal” but clearly that assumption is incorrect.  The detailed analysis of my business and fully understanding the nuances of it and then being able to re-iterate that to a multitude of interested parties is still amazing to me.  I’m convinced that you know more about the business than I do!

- Client

Welch Capital Partners was instrumental in ensuring that we had a successful sale of our interests in a major Canadian aggregates and environmental services business.

Not only did their team help facilitate this very large and challenging transaction with multiple stakeholders, but they also provided timely and insightful advice throughout the entire engagement.

We appreciated their involvement, responsiveness, and conscientiousness throughout and would recommend them to anyone looking at exiting or divesting of their assets.

- Private Shareholder Group

M&A Case Studies

Project Unity

Our client, Atlantic Prepaid, is a specialized prepaid card distribution company providing small to medium independent retailers with a diverse range of prepaid products from trusted providers.

Project KIQ

Our client, Roxborough Bus Lines ("Roxborough" or the "Company"), is a family-owned and operated school and chartered bus services business headquartered in Eastern Ontario. Since its establishment in 1959, Roxborough has grown to approximately 900 employees and 850 buses.

Project Spark

Our client was a prominent structural steel and welding shop operating throughout the Ottawa region. The Company engaged Welch Capital Partners to support succession planning efforts as the Owners neared retirement.

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