Case Study

Project Unity


Our client, Atlantic Prepaid, is a specialized prepaid card distribution company providing small to medium independent retailers with a diverse range of prepaid products from trusted providers.

They approached Welch Capital Partners with the chance to acquire Payment Source's pre-paid distribution business, a move that would propel Atlantic Prepaid into a leading position in the Canadian prepaid market. Our mandate encompassed assisting on the M&A buy-side acquisition and securing financing for the transaction.


Bringing two direct competitors together necessitated a keen awareness of the sensitivities surrounding the shared information during this transaction. Employing a professional and systematic approach to safeguard all client information, we strategically implemented various milestones. This ensured the smooth progression of the deal, minimizing the exposure of protected information without causing unnecessary delays or deal fatigue.

With the letter of intent firmly established, we executed a successful competitive financing process involving both equity and debt providers.


With the diverse skill sets on our team, we were able to help Atlantic Prepaid price and structure the buy-side deal to ensure the seller got the result they were looking for and Atlantic Prepaid gets a strong ROI on their investment.

Through our competitive financing process, we were able to secure 100% non-dilutive financing for this acquisition. This protects the shareholders’ equity and will allow the Atlantic Prepaid shareholders to receive 100% of the value when they ultimately exit the business.


Despite representing the buyer, Welch Capital Partners demonstrated exceptional professionalism by effectively managing all parties involved while maintaining open and ongoing communication. The outcome was mutually beneficial for both sides, leaving a sense of satisfaction all around.

Robert Hyde, CEO Payment Source

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