Case Study

Valuations for Shareholder Buyouts


Welch Capital Partners was engaged to prepare valuation of a company who was preparing to buy out a minority shareholder. The client approached Welch Capital Partners help them determine an independent and objective valuation of the shareholder’s interest for the buy-out. The minority shareholder would consider our valuation in his negotiations with the client.

WCP Approach

Welch Capital Partners prepared a robust valuation analysis and report in adherence to the Practice Standards of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CBV Institute).

The Welch Capital Partners team performed an in-depth analysis of the client’s financial and non-financial information, held meetings with Management to better understand the business, and performed significant 3rd party research. It was critical that ALL shareholders understood and benefited from the thoroughness of our valuation analysis.

Upon the issuance of our report, we discussed our valuation approaches, assumptions and conclusion with both our client and the minority shareholder. All parties were satisfied with our valuation opinion and proceeded to transact on this basis.

The WCP Advantage

Welch Capital Partners leveraged its 20 years of expertise in business valuations to complete this mandate in a professional fashion. It was important to balance the needs of both the client and the minority shareholder so that all parties had trust in our valuation conclusions. Our team’s experience and client conscientiousness allowed the parties to feel that their interests were being considered and that the valuation conclusion was fair and unbiased.

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