Case Study

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Welch Capital Partners was engaged to prepare a financial pro forma and valuation for a buy-side acquisition mandate. The client approached Welch Capital Partners to acquire another complementary firm, and required a professional and credible pro forma and valuation to satisfy the buyer’s lenders. 

WCP Approach

Under a compressed timeline, Welch Capital Partners met with the client on numerous occasions to better understand the acquisition target, the buyer’s investment criteria, and the lender’s conditions. As part of the mandate, it was important to understand how the integration of the buyer and target would generate significant post-acquisition profitability and returns. 

The Welch Capital Partners team proposed a full-day working session with the client in order to populate our financial models and address specific buyer-specific synergies and valuation considerations. Due to the robustness and versatility of Welch Capital Partners’ financial models, the pro forma and resulting valuation results were relatively complete by the end of the working session. Within 48 hours of this working session, the pro forma and valuation was complete.

The WCP Advantage

Welch Capital Partners leveraged its in-depth expertise in financial modeling and valuations to complete this mandate in a very efficient fashion. Traditionally a very iterative process, Welch Capital Partners managed to shortcut the number of iterations of model development, to the client’s delight.

In addition, our keen sense of what lenders are looking for helped the Welch Capital Partners team focus solely on the financial elements that mattered to the lender. As a result, the lender accepted Welch Capital Partners’ analysis without revision and approved the financing of the acquisition for the amounts requested by the buyer.

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