Case Study

Project Yellow


Our client, a family-owned and operated school and chartered bus services business headquartered in Eastern Ontario, had an opportunity to purchase an Ottawa-Gatineau based passenger transportation business.  Our client required our support in modelling out the viability of the target against multiple scenarios, negotiating the deal, as well as securing the necessary Acquisition Capital to successfully acquire and integrate the target. 


The deal required both M&A buy-side advisory services along with the securing of financing. Our M&A team worked with our client to thoroughly analyze and model out the prospective target’s financials to arrive at a competitive purchase price that would “de-risk” the deal in the eyes of the lenders and provide upside for the target as well as our client, given the impact of the pandemic on a sector of the target’s business.     

After successfully executing the Letter of Intent, our efforts turned to securing the appropriate financing solution to fund the acquisition. Welch Capital Partners created a comprehensive banking package, including a confidential information memorandum and detailed financial model, and ran a competitive process with several of the largest lenders in Canada. Welch Capital Partners was able to successfully secure a commitment to finance 100% of the transaction, as well as an operating line to assist in financing the day-to-day activities. 


We relied on our extensive M&A experience to analyze the target company and formulate an investment thesis for our client. We developed and negotiated the Letter of Intent to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement. We leveraged our network of lenders to find a financial partner for our client in short order. Once the Acquisition Capital was secured, we were able to guide our client through the final negotiations of the acquisition and ultimately to closing the transaction.


“Thank you to Welch Capital Partners for helping us navigate our acquisition and financing of 417 Bus Lines. Once it was determined that this business was a great fit for Roxborough, Candace & Muaz were fully committed, regardless of the obstacles and challenges. Over the years we’ve worked with and against a fair number of professionals and none have demonstrated your utmost professionalism and unwavering resolve to get solutions and get it done, and for this I personally thank you!”

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