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Client Mandate

CADlink Technology Corporation is a leading software developer of computer aided design (CAD) products in the industrial graphics market. For over 30 years, the Company has worked in niche design and production markets, providing solutions such as digital printing, engraving, CNC machining, sign making, garment printing, and vinyl vehicle wraps.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, CADlink has a global presence with international sales offices located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain.

Welch Capital Partners’ Approach

While CADlink’s shareholders collectively agreed to exit, they were at different junctures in their career, and therefore had different perspectives on what a successful outcome looked like.  Furthermore, with the Company’s growth in new markets and the recent shift to a SaaS model, the valuation rationale was often questioned by buyers.  By being patient in the market, understanding the needs of our client, and demonstrating Management's ability to execute on their growth plans, buyers were able to understand CADlink's value proposition.

The Welch Capital Partners’ Advantage

In addition to obtaining a valuation that exceeded the owners' expectation and structuring a transaction that was amenable to all shareholders, which included different terms for each of them, Welch Capital Partners was able to help identify a buyer that was the best strategic fit that helped drive value for everyone.

Client Testimonial

“As a group of shareholders, we appointed Welch Capital Partners to sell our business.  They really took the time to understand our company and expertly guide us through the M&A process. Thank you to Candace, Cody and Dilip for helping make the process from initiation to close as seamless as possible and for ultimately helping us secure a very positive outcome for each shareholder.”

Mike Chramtchenko, Director of Marketing and Brand Sales- CADlink

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