Case Study

Project Regal

Client Mandate

Royal Fire Protection Inc., was founded on September 18th, 1990 in Ontario, Canada. The company specializes in designing and installing fire protection systems throughout Ontario, earning a reputation as the leading provider of fire protection services in the region. Royal has experience in a wide range of systems, including sprinkler, standpipe, water spray, FM200, and CO2 applications.

Royal engaged Welch Capital Partners to support their sale process and optimize the value for shareholders at exit. 

Welch Capital Partners’ Approach

Royal’s shareholders collectively agreed to sell, however, the company owner was looking to sell their business at a valuation that reflected the potential future value of their lucrative contracts and current earnings. The sale of the company would capture this value and provide a significant return on investment. By being patient in the market, understanding the needs of our client, and demonstrating the value of the current contracts, prospective buyers were able to understand Royal’s value proposition.

The Welch Capital Partners’ Advantage

In addition to obtaining a valuation that exceeded the owners' expectation and structuring a transaction that was amenable to the shareholders, Welch Capital Partners was able to help identify a buyer that was the best strategic fit that helped drive value for everyone.


I cannot say enough good things about the team at Welch Capital for their tireless efforts in getting the sale completed. The professionalism that they portrayed along this journey was truly second to none. To sell your business is very personal and passionate endeavor and the guys at WCP understood that very well. Thanks so much to Dilip Raj and Cody Sorensen. Really appreciate it. And to Johnny Saikley at the Welch accounting team for his efforts as well. Thanks so much

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