Case Study

Project Apex

Client Mandate

Our client Agile Work Evolutions (the “Company”) is a workplace strategy and implementation firm that augments its specialized knowledge with employee engagement and workplace profiling via Workforce Analytics, a secure, services-enabled proprietary cloud solution, providing employers with business-critical, real-time triple bottom line dashboard reporting (social, environmental and financial impacts). The two founders were looking for a partner to help managed the growth and capacity as the Company quickly scaled.

Welch Capital Partners’ Approach

After analyzing the Company and market, Welch Capital Partners was able to focus on a select group of buyers who would see Workforce Analytics as a value-add tool for their existing customers (property management and commercial real estate leasing and sales). Integration into such a buyer would present an opportunity to cross sell the Company’s services which would ensure future growth.

Welch Capital Partners’ Advantage

Our ability to analyze the opportunity and identify the appropriate buyer pool resulted in an efficient, yet competitive process with multiple interested parties. Ultimately, our client was able to achieve their desired outcome, which was to monetize the work they have done to date while sharing in the future success of the Company. 

Client Testimonial

We retained Welch Capital Partners to assist in the sale of our fast-growing services enabled software business. We enjoyed working with WCP as they guided us through the M&A process and, ultimately, helped us achieve our desired outcome. The team was proactive in their approach and always responsive to our needs.

Dr. Lisa Chillingworth Watson, Managing Principal

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