Case Study

GAL Power Systems


GAL Power is a leading supplier of standby power generators and climate control equipment in North America. Guy Lapierre, the majority shareholder, approached Welch Capital Partners to find the right capital partner for the company’s continued growth after his retirement.


Welch Capital Partners was tasked with finding a capital partner who was excited about the business opportunities GAL Power presented. Strategic partners Guy had spoken to in the past weren’t aligned with his vision and the deals had been unsuccessful. Upon joining, the Welch Capital Partners team explained to Guy that sometimes the right partner isn’t the one who can write the biggest cheque.


There are more than 10,000 private equity firms in North America. Drawing on their expert knowledge of private equity players, Welch Capital Partners found the right capital partner, Trivest, who were committed to leading GAL Power through its next growth phase. Key elements of the successful partnership were Trivest’s entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen and ability to understand the opportunity beyond the balance sheet.

By working closely with Guy and Trivest, they were able to refine the investment thesis and create additional value on both sides of the table. The reorganization of the company’s capital structure, led by Welch Capital Partners, was smooth and successful and daily business was able to continue without major interruptions. Guy was assured of GAL Power’s continued success and could retire with peace of mind.

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